The first round of qualifiers for ECS Season 7 Challenger Cup has ended and 4 teams from North and Europe have made the cut

In the European qualifications, x-kom were the first to qualify for the Challenger Cup after having beaten ex-Fragsters and forZe in the BO3 stage. Following x-kom, we have Movistar Riders who beat Throw Potential and pro100 in two BO3’s

In the North American region, MASSIVEimpact and Zone finished in the top two after beating Infamous and Final Feature in the semi-final stage, respectively.

The European and North American region will feature 16 teams,8 of which will be direct invites and the other 8 will fight through the qualifier to make it to the Challenger Cup.

The teams will play in a best-of-three Swiss stage, which will determine a ranking that will be used to fill the vacant spots in the ECS regular season tournament.

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