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Is AFC Richmond in EA FC 24?

The charming fictional football coach Ted Lasso has won hearts globally with his TV show featuring heartwarming storylines and charismatic characters. This sensation, brilliantly portrayed by Jason Sudeikis, blends optimism, humor, and a genuine connection with his players, resonating deeply with audiences.

Its themes of friendship, redemption, and personal growth, set against the backdrop of English football, create an engaging and emotionally rich narrative.

Is AFC Richmond in EA FC 24?

Fans were excited to play as AFC Richmond, led by Ted Lasso, replicating their experience from FIFA 23. However, in a surprising development, it was confirmed that neither Ted Lasso nor AFC Richmond would feature in the EA FC 24.

This decision sparked considerable interest, primarily due to speculated reasons like complex licensing rights and the game developers’ aim for a realistic football representation. The absence of a fictional team like AFC Richmond might be seen as blurring the lines between fiction and reality for some players​​.

Including Ted Lasso and AFC Richmond from EA FC 24 was a letdown for many fans. Despite the disappointment, the love for Ted Lasso’s story remains strong. The intricate dynamics of licensing rights and the developer’s vision for the game led to this unforeseen exclusion​​.

Aritra Patra
Aritra Patra
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