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EA FC 24 Bug Causes Top Striker to Glitch Out

EA FC 24 has unveiled a peculiar glitch that has rendered one of the game’s top strikers, Ada Hegerberg, unplayable. This article delves into the details of this anomaly and its implications, exploring the community’s response and the potential resolutions to ensure an optimal gaming experience.

Despite EA FC 24’s anticipation and the introduction of groundbreaking features like the inclusion of female players in Ultimate Team mode, has been marred by a bizarre glitch. This glitch specifically affects the 88-rated Norwegian striker Ada Hegerberg, causing the ball to be left behind when the left trigger is held on a controller, making her essentially “unusable” in the game.

Impact on Player Value

This glitch has had a substantial impact on Hegerberg’s value in the Ultimate Team Transfer Market, seeing her price plummet to less than 30,000 Coins. This valuation is significantly lower compared to other top strikers in EA FC 24, reflecting the severity of the glitch in her playability.

Community and Market Response

The community has dubbed Hegerberg “unusable,” and her diminished market value is a testament to the glitch’s impact. The anomaly is especially strange as she is currently the only known player in the game to be affected by this specific issue. The situation has left many wondering whether a patch will be released soon to rectify this and other known problems in the game, such as the ineffectiveness of defenders in this year’s edition.

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Aritra Patra
Aritra Patra
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