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E3 reportedly canceled amid coronavirus spread

E3 has been cancelled, according to Ars Technica, with an official announcement coming soon.

According to a report from Ars Technica, the E3 2020 was canceled after various people related to the event raised concerns about the novel Coronavirus and hinted at withdrawing. The report confirms that the Entertainment Software Association (ESA) has called for the cancellation and an official announcement will come soon.

Before Ars Technica’s report, various developers tweeted out about the supposed cancelation of the event.


On March 4th, after every other gaming event was either called off or postponed, ESA said they are “monitoring and evaluating the situation daily” and assured the fans that E3 is still on schedule and will be held as usual with no delays. They also released names of the Publishers and Developers attending the event to clear the suspicion of cancelation.

Novel coronavirus case tally has since risen significantly to 4300 confirmed deaths and more than 1,15,000 cases worldwide. Even Los Angeles declared a state of emergency, the location of E3 2020. It’s not just events being canceled, as schools and offices have closed in various parts of the world and the whole country of Italy has been locked down to contain the spread.

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