After announcing that Efrag is going to be doing another World Championship this year, we are pleased to announce that they are also going to be doing a series of leagues which they will hold around the world with a total prize-pool of $64,600.

As the name “Rising Stars” suggests, the leagues that we will be holding will be seasonal leagues that are aimed to support the grassroots of the Counter­Strike: Global Offensive scene. The main goal of this league is to support teams that don’t get a lot of recognition and also non­tier 1 teams with them wanting to one day, reach that goal which with this league, we can help with.



As well as us planning to help these teams get exposure, in the future we also hope to have these teams as shareholders and partners of the events with us sharing the profits and success of it with not only ourselves but also the teams involved.

During the Razer Rising Stars, there will be four leagues in four regions (Europe, North America, South America and Southeast Asia). In total, $64,600 will be given out in these four leagues, whilst 12 online qualifiers will determine which teams will qualify for these leagues. Although originally the prizepool was $50,000, this has now risen to $64,600 as all teams who complete all of their matches will receive $500.

All of the Razer Rising Stars League matches will be streamed in several languages on the platform, Azubu. These languages will be; English, French, German, Russian, Finnish, Serbian, Polish and Spanish.

List of all different streams:

● English: ​

● French: ​

● Polish:​

● Serbian:​

● Finnish:​

● German:​

● Russian:​

● Spanish: ​

Razer Rising Stars Europe League:

The Razer Rising Stars Europe League will run from 15th March 2016 until 1st May 2016 and will have a prize pool of $20,000. It will feature 16 teams, 8 of which will be invited while 8 will join from 4 online qualifiers.The format of the league will see all 16 teams participate in a round­robin format. Each team will play each other in a best of two match awarding 3 points for a win, 1 point for a tie and 0 points for a loss. After every team plays their 15 BO2 matches, the prizes will be paid out dependent on each teams placement. (shown below)

● 1st: ​$10,000 USD

● 2nd: ​$5,000 USD

● 3rd: ​$3,000 USD

● 4th: ​$2,000 USD

● 5th­-16th: ​$500 USD (for each team if they finish every match)

For the Razer Rising Stars European League there were four qualifiers in which 734 teams registered and over 3,600 players played in best of one matches. These teams were split into the four qualifiers with Space Soldiers and Orbit (Ex­Epiphany Bolt as they were known at the time) qualifying from the first qualifiers, Bpro Gaming and miMo qualifying from the second qualifiers, PENTA Sports and Team Refuse qualifying from the third qualifiers and Recursive and eSuba securing the final spots after qualifying from the fourth and final qualifiers.

Some of the teams that didn’t make it through but were close to qualifying were; Arcade, Epsilon, GameAgents, RCTIC, gBots, and Revival who all played really well in their matches but not enough to qualify.

The full list of teams (Invited and qualified) participating in the European League are:

E­ Esports Club, Space Soldiers, LoungeGaming, Team Orbit (ex­Epiphany Bolt), Orgless Bpro, CPH Wolves, miMo, ALTERNATE aTTaX, PENTA Sports, LDLC White,, DenDD, eSuba, Ancient, Recursive.

Links to the qualifiers:

Razer Rising Stars South America League:

The Razer Rising Stars South American League Qualifiers are currently in progress with participating teams and players still going up due to them still being open for more teams to enter.

The League for South America will have a prizepool of $10,000. It will feature 8 teams, 4 of which will be invited and the other 4 being qualified teams from the online qualifiers. qualifiers.The format of the league will see all 8 teams participate in a round­robin format. Each team will play each other in a best of two match awarding 3 points for a win, 1 point for a tie and 0 points for a loss. After every team plays their 7 BO2 matches.

Invited; Qualified;

NTN, KeyD Stars, Santos.Dexterity, g3nerationX, TBD

The league’s following prize distribution:

● 1st: ​$5,000 USD

● 2nd: ​$3,000 USD

● 3rd: ​$2,000 USD

● 4th­10th: ​$200 USD (for each team if they finish every match)

Links to the qualifiers:

Razer Rising Stars North American and South­East Asia League:

All of the qualifiers for both of these Leagues are due to begin soon. The schedule for all of the leagues will be announced soon.