Dubai Police warns people of “Free Games” over Privacy violations

Dubai police issues advisory to families for online video games .

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Dubai Police recently issued an advisory and urged families to be extra careful when playing online video games. The advisory comes in light of massive data leaks and privacy breaches which have been linked to online video games.

In its tweet, the Dubai Police quoted, “Most “Free” online games make profit through collecting and exploiting personal information thus violating your privacy, so be careful and spread awareness among your family members.”

This advisory is issued as a counter measure to potential breach of privacy and exposure of personal data online. Many of the popular online video games like Call of Duty Mobile, PUBG Mobile, Garena Free Fire and Mobile Legends: Bang Bang are entirely free to play games but do have access to a lot of data on our mobile phones.

In this world of digital footprints, we must be highly aware about our personal data and privacy because nothing remains hidden on the internet.

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