DreamHack Mumbai

We’re just around the corner, and not even a month far from DreamHack’s first Asian event in Mumbai. The Christmas which comes early for the Indian gaming community, might not have an equative outcome for everyone.

The professional gaming teams which are eyeing to compete with Tier-1 teams at DreamHack Mumbai will have a tough time to qualify. The new announcement makes it clear. The teams will have to qualify through BYOC.

It is not very profound of the direct invites for the Indian pro teams. Irrespective of professional, semi-professionals or casual teams, the one way a team can compete at DreamHack Invitational Mumbai is through BYOC. The passes of which are available at BookMyShow. Though it is unclear what the “top 2 slots” defines.

Other than dsn & Mineski, the global guest list is unclear yet. Though, the event is anticipated to change the composition of the esports industry in the region.

DreamHack is considered to be the world’s largest gaming and cultural festival. The company’s first event goes back to the ’90s, hosted in the year 1994 in Sweden.