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Dream responds to Kaceytron’s claims

Popular Minecraft YouTuber Dream has defended himself against the claims brought forward by Kaceytron where she accused his fans of pushing a “false narrative” on their latest beef.

For those disconnected from the situation, on 19th March Kaceytron tweeted blasting fans who are partial while judging their favorite content creator. However, the community did not appreciate the tweet and ended up digging tweet from her past that contradicts her present claims.

“The action of mine described above resulted in hundreds from the MC community literally digging up things from 7 years ago with no context and trying to weaponize it against me because I said something that they thought was specifically about Dream & George,” Kaceytron said. “Literally weaponizing cancel culture,” she added.

The tweet was assumed to be aimed towards the few toxic members of the community but later singled out Dream, specifying that it was his fans who engage in such acts of canceling others who they are not fond of.

Dream responded to her claims but not before his 22nd March stream “I denounce all hate for anybody, anybody at all, I denounce any and all hate. But I think that some people take certain things that aren’t hate, as hate, it depends on the personality,” he said. “I’ve seen people say horrible things, I’ve seen people say threats. It happens with every community since the beginning of time, but it’s horrible to see,” he added.

The back and forth between the two don’t seem to conclude anytime soon but as it stands the drama remains a classic case of “he said she said”.


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