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Dream leaks his phone number on Twitter

Popular Minecraft YouTuber Dream has released a phone number on Twitter claiming that it will be him on the other side after two automated messages.

Dream rose to stardom thanks to the sudden rise of Minecraft’s popularity heading into 2020. Since his rise, Dream has been through his fair share of dramas and controversies but all of that seems to have cooled off by now. With over 20 million subscribers on YouTube, he’s giving others in the same category, a run for their money.

Naturally, a tweet like this prompted fans to think about a potential hack that was far from reality. The number actually belonged to dream as part of a well-planned marketing strategy. The number was installed from him to interact with his fans restricted to the United States.

The primary objective of this venture was more or less a major success. One way or the other, the news made to the front page and got fans talking about it. The marketing success was there like it or not and the ones unhappy with it are the ones who didn’t get the opportunity to speak to their idol in the dream.

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