Dream fakes face reveal amidst “catfishing” rumours

Dream Face reveal

Dream trolls fans back with a hilarious face reveal after a Twitter user leaked a photo claiming it to be the Minecraft superstar that kick opened the gates for plethora of “catfishing” allegations.

Hiding faces that eventually leads to a big reveal is a long-standing trend in the entertainment business, and given its side benefits, there aren’t many reasons not to do it. Dream for one has matured into a superstar and fans are waiting for the much-anticipated face reveal. Having teased it on multiple occasions, Dream claimed to be waiting for the ideal time to maximize the benefits of face reveal.

alleged dream photo tweet
Photo Via Dexerto

A Twitter user who goes by the handle @oomfed1 shared a photo of a person who allegedly is Dream which is far from the truth. The photo came with allegations that Dream isn’t who he pretends to be, rather he uses his brother as a body double when making public appearances. These claims were enough to convince his stans that he is a catfisher.

Dream hit back at those claims with a AI generated photos of a millennial Caucasian pretending to be him. “Decided to face reveal… please be nice,”  read the Tweet.

Dream has teased a face reveal and is looking for the perfect opportunity to do so. Even though his questionable relationship with fans may take some time to fix but sooner or later the day will come when the he reveals his identity and fans need to hold their horses until then.