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Dr. Disrespect to face off against Ferg in COD Mobile BR Kill Race

The epic showdown between Dr. Disrespect and Ferg is finally taking place as Call of Duty: Mobile has confirmed their fight in the ’80s Throw down Battle Royale Kill Race. COD Mobile fans have been waiting for this battle since a long time and we will finally see Dr. Disrespect officially competing in a mobile game for the very first time.

Dr. Disrespect sparked flames within mobile gaming community last year by calling out mobile gaming. Several influential faces within the community immediately responded and one of them was Ferg, a COD Mobile content creator. Ferg has a big following within the community and he called out Dr. Disrespect in a 1v1 fight in COD Mobile for $100,000 last year.

This matter was mellowed down with time but Call of Duty: Mobile surprised its fanbase with the announcement of Battle Royale Kill Race between Dr. Disrespect and Ferg in the ongoing ’80s Thrown down event. This match will take place on Monday at 11AM PT and viewers can watch it on Call of Duty: Mobile Esports channel. You can simply watch the match right here by clicking on this video:

Ferg made an appearance in Throwback Throwdown EU where the announcement was first made and revealed some details about his battle with Dr. Disrespect. Readers can watch the entire section by clicking here.

Ferg and Dr. Disrespect will be playing in different matches on different servers due to difference in their locations. They will be communicating while the matches for some banter and to provide entertainment for the audience. Ferg also said that they will play matches on mobile as well as PC, on the emulator version, to be on the equal footing.DR. DISRESPECT DISRESPECTED MOBILE GAMERS AND PUBG MOBILE INDIA COMMUNITY DIDN’T SPARE

The details regarding their matches or how the winner will be decided are not officially revealed but as the match is called BR Kill Race, we assume that one with highest amount of kills at the end will be declared as the winner. Make sure to enjoy this epic competition tomorrow.


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