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Dr Disrespect might return to Twitch: Says Attorney

Dr Disrespect’s Twitch ban shook the community given how Doc was one of the biggest streamers on the platform. To this day, very few people are aware of the reason behind his permanent suspension but an attorney feels like Doc has a compelling case against Twitch that might see him return to the Amazon-owned streaming platform.

Gaming and Esports attorney, Roger Quiles claims to be aware of why Twitch banned Doc which made him believe that the two times champion might be allowed to stream on Twitch in case they win.

Doc decided to take legal action against Twitch once he found out why he was banned but that was not until a year from when he was banned. Quiles believes that Doc stands a good chance to win the lawsuit but it will hurt the pockets of all the involved parties.

“So if this does go through arbitration, there is a chance that we never know and we’ll continue to not know what has transpired,” said Quiles. “Fingers-crossed that it is something that can go to court, cause if it does, all the records are public information.”

In case Doc wins, Twitch will have to pay a significant sum for the damages while Doc may end up paying Twitch’s legal fees if he loses or both parties might come to a settlement.

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