Dr. Disrespect might join OpTic Gaming, calling H3CZ to sign him up

dr disrespect optic gaming

Dr. Disrepect might close in on joining OpTic Gaming as a content creator, the 39-year-old revealed in his recent stream where he too stressed upon the fact that OpTic CEO H3CZ might completely acquire OpTic Chicago Franchise and divest from NRG. Dr. Disrespect and H3CZ have always been on good talking terms, which does bolster the former’s chances to join the prestigious organization.

As soon as Dr. Disrespect opened up about his potential move to OpTic Gaming, the social media team of the North American Organization quickly rose to the moment and tweeted:

“100,000 retweets and the contract would officially be signed between both parties.”

In the video clip, Dr. Disrespect called upon H3CZ and asked to sign him up with OpTic. This 100,000 Retweets challenge does resemble that time when 100 Thieves’ Owner Matthew ‘Nadeshot’ Haag had promised to get a tattoo which would have said, “sex is temporary, gaming is forever” but the latter never happened but till date is considered to be on its way.

Herschel “Dr. Disrespect” Beahm also known as the guy is an American Internet Celebrity who currently streams on YouTube and is a former Twitch Streamer. He was a former member of OpTic Gaming and claims to be 2x champion in 1993, 1994 Blockbuster gaming championship of NBA Jam while being a part of the “Online Gaming Community”.

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