While streaming Overwatch this week, Dr DisRespect’s stream was interrupted by a phone call and soon the background of his stream changed into a purple arena with a big message asking him to “Pick Up” the call. Noticing the sudden changes, his stream chat frantically started spamming the chat asking him to pick up the call. While still acting shocked he picked the call and was greeted by an intense voice saying:

“You’ve trespassed on sacred ground. I have no patience for the Two-Time. WWE is my domain, my yard. Your transgressions will be punished. Dr. DisRespet, you will rest… in… PEACE!”

Chat quickly recognized the person on the other side of call as WWE wrestler, Mark William Calaway aka The Undertaker. Ending the call DisRespect acted scared and quickly went off-screen.

Previously, this month Dr DisRespect teased a come back to WWE and this cliche act may very well be a promotion for an upcoming event.

Dr DisRespect is a huge name on Twitch and is known for his entertainment and production values. DisRespect fame also extends outside of Twitch to other mediums and shows, such as his upcoming audiobook, appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live or various collaborations with other entertainers.

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