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Dr Disrespect finally speaks up about the abrupt Twitch ban

A day after receiving a permanent ban from Twitch, Dr Disrespect has finally come out and tweeted out a statement thanking his fans for all the support and tried to address the nature of his ban.

He revealed that Twitch has yet to contact him about the reason for the abrupt ban and whether it is permanent or not. While this is the first time Dr Disrespect has made any statement regarding the Twitch ban, his wife “Mrs. Assassin” was first to respond about the ban on Instagram. Just a few hours after the news of the ban broke out, Mrs Assassin posted to her Instagram Stories on June 26, thanking the Champions Club and stating that their “love, support, strength, and kindness” has been “overwhelming” and that there’s “no one better.”

While the rumor mill is spinning out of control, It is currently unknown whether Dr Disrespect’s ban is permanent, or not. But the further action of refunding his subscribers and removing his emotes entirely from the platform has raised more questions and added further to the confusion.

Going by the current information available through industry experts, the situation is very critical, and Twitch not officially contacting Doc might mean that they are currently accessing all the available “proofs” about the matter and might contact Dr Disrespect soon with a legal notice.

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