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Dr Disrespect apologizes for saying “mobile gamers aren’t real gamers”

Dr. Disrespect has aplogised for his controversial statement that “mobile gamers are not real gamers” when he was playing with PUBG Mobile professional player Sc0utOP on a collaborative stream.

Dr. Disrespect tweeted this controversial statement back in 2019 but gave clarification on this matter when he was playing Call of Duty with Scout, a professional PUBG Mobile player.

Dr. Disrespect scheduled to play with Indian streamer named Sc0utOP on 21st August. This collaboration was a big event for both the streamers as Dr. Disrespect was introduced to the mass mobile gaming viewership of Sc0utOP and similarly Scout got worldwide recognition by collaborating with one of the biggest streamers on the planet.

Dr. Disrespect addressed this issue on the stream saying, “Not sure if you ever saw my tweet, so I just want to get ahead of the controversy, about me saying that mobile gamers aren’t real gamer.” He adds, “It was a spur moment. I just want to make sure that I get ahead of it.”

Scout took this situation very lightly and laughed it off saying its “completely fine.” The collaboration in itself was a big hit for Dr. Disrespect as he gained 80,000 new subscribers on the day of collaboration, according to SocialBlade.

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