Dota 2: TI10 True Sight Trailer Release Date and Time

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The most acclaimed series of esports documentaries is called True Sight, and the date when the film The International 10 will be available to the public has at long last been disclosed.

The long-awaited announcement of a True Sight documentary for The International 2021 has finally been made by Valve. The remarkable win of Team Spirit at TI10, where the team earned more than $18 million, will be highlighted in the documentary. It will also take a second look at PSG.LGD, which finished in second place.

At the Arlington Major, Valve debuted a teaser for the project to confirm its existence. A quick clip was shown on the panel just after OG mid-laner Bozhidar “bzm” Bogdanov won a set against beastcoast by going 26-0. The words of Spirit coach Airat “Silent” Gaziev can be seen at the beginning of the video, and statements made by LGD director Zhang “xiao8” Ning can be found at the end.

Because a new version of True Sight has been released, a whole load of new animations starring Dota 2 heroes has been created. Valve has a passion for reliving pivotal moments through the use of unique animations in the Source 2 game engine.

The preview places particular attention on Magomed “Collapse” Khalilov’s Magnus, which was essential to Team Spirit’s victory (3-2), and which was featured prominently in the match. Fans of the video game Dota 2 will at long last get a glimpse of the TI10 grand finals from behind the scenes.

Dota 2 True Sight Documentary Release Date and Time:

The documentary TI10 True Sight will have its premiere on the official release date of September 24, 2022.

The critically acclaimed Dota 2 documentary series True Sight offers viewers a behind-the-scenes look at the single most lucrative match in the history of electronic sports. True Sight for TI10 will be about 90 minutes long, and most of the content will be audio and video shot at TI10.

The episode of True Sight that covers The International 2010 will be the eighth in the series overall and the third to concentrate on the championship match of The International.

On the official Dota 2 YouTube channel, you may find older episodes of the True Sight documentary series on the game. Additionally, both the TI7 and TI8 True Sights can be downloaded for free through the Steam platform. In order to get ready for the release of the TI10 installment on September 24, it is a good idea to go back and watch the older True Sight movies.