Dota 2 Razor Arcana: All You Need To Know

The Razor arcana has finally been shipped into the game which was previously introduced at the start of The International 2022 Battle Pass.

The second arcana of the Diretide Battle Pass has been made available to Dota 2 players at long last. Razor’s whip gets transformed into a sword and shield that mimics his Warcraft 3 model in Voidstorm Asylum.

Additionally, the new arcana comes with an unlockable enhanced style that, if activated, brings about a hue shift that is completely unexpected.

As the fourth top-tier cosmetic item in the Battle Pass, this release also marks the end of the Battle Pass content for Diretide. It is only possible to obtain access to the Voidstorm Asylum by purchasing the Diretide 2022 Battle Pass at level 383.

Razor’s appearance is completely altered by the Voidstorm Asylum arcana, which transforms him into a swirling tornado encased in elegant armor. He replaces his trademark electric whip with a chain sword that has a blade that can be extended to strike the target.

Some subtle bubble effects and a plethora of new particles have been added to Plasma Field. Razor’s Eye of the Storm ultimate strikes enemies with lightning from his shield. In addition, the Phase Boots, Eul’s Scepter, and Wind Waker each receive their own unique icons for his inventory.

Like the Faceless Void arcana from the same Battle Pass, this new Razor skin resembles his Dota 1 Warcraft 3 model. The Lightning Revenant unit, which represented Razor in Dota’s custom game mode, was equipped with a sword, a shield, and electric capabilities in addition to those abilities.

Although it’s possible that Valve is trying to win over the older generation of Dota 2 fans with these arcanas, newer players will still find a lot to like about them.

How to further upgrade your Razor Arcana

New Razor Arcana Voidstorm Asylum includes an unlockable seafoam green style. Unlocking this style will tint Razor’s new wind body a mellow green, a color not typically associated with him.

Patinas of copper form on his armor and weaponry, and he dons a cape of the same material. Even the most devoted Razor spammers will have a difficult time unlocking it, despite the fact that it is incredibly flashy.

There is also a second playable style that can be unlocked. This is what the official blog article from Valve says: “Destroy your enemies by turning their own strength against them. Kill 500 enemies while empowered by 100+ Static Link damage to unlock the Stormlord Reborn alternate style. Killing an enemy in Razor’s empowered state will grant one point, with a maximum of eight points available in a single match.”

Players must kill 500 enemy heroes while enhanced by more than 100 Static Link damage to unlock the second Razor arcana style.

Razor’s “Voidstorm Asylum” Arcana Bundle requires your Battle Pass upgraded to Level 383 to be unlocked. You can do this by playing games, doing Weekly Quests, or Cavern Crawl, but it will take a lot of grinding. You would be better off in this aspect if you just went ahead and purchased Battle Points directly.

The International 2022 Swag Bag doesn’t include the Razor Arcana. The reason for this is that it only includes Arcanas that can be purchased from the Dota 2 Store, and not those that can be unlocked by purchasing a Battle Pass.

After about three weeks of intense Dota action, The International 2022 has finally come to a conclusion. Following a flawless upper bracket run, Tundra Esports has reigned supreme as the champions of the biggest annual Dota 2 tournament. The org lost a total of four maps in the group stage and only one map in the main stage.

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