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Dota 2: Nigma win WePlay! Bukovel Minor, a ticket to Leipzig Major

What a weekend it has been already for Dota 2 fans as WePlay! Bukovel Minor advanced through its playoffs towards Grand Finals. After some quality dota and long games, Nigma has crowned champions over Royal Never Give Up, though they had a difficult start.

Nigma’s debut at the WePlay! Bukovel Minor wasn’t smoothest, to be honest, yet it was a successful one.

Game 1:

Right into the game Royal Never Give Up was quite a force early game, putting Nigma on its back foot early. Nigma rebounded that into a wild play by Aliwi ”w33” Omaromar on Huskar and Kuro ”kuroky” Salehi Takhasomi on Abbadon which saw Nigma turn into a triple kill in favour which should’ve been a clean gank.

That enabled Nigma further and Amer ”Miracle-” Al-Barkawi’s Alchemist gather a chunk of gold net worth advantage. That didn’t last long as Royal Never Give Up had an incredible amount of control with Outworld Devourer, Centaur Warrunner, Shadow Demon and Treant Protector. In comparison, Nigma had only a little which enabled RNG to break them in team fights leading themselves to victory.

Game 2:

Nigma went back to some of their comfort picks for the second game. Maroun “GH” Merhej played his signature Earthshaker, w33 went to Windranger, and Miracle- picked up Phantom Lancer.

Nigma had the early start with plenty kills for the team in the early game. Though, that didn’t convert into a gold lead leading RNG’s heroes to keep a toe-to-toe battle.

RNG was way out ahead and nigma was were only one racks away from being mega, some major mistakes cost them that lead and Miracle’s PL was able to purchase a Divine Rapier.

This affair went to an 80min game. While tables were turned into the late game RNG were the first one to get mega by Nigma. The game also saw the first-ever Tier 5 neutral items of the DPC come into play.

Meanwhile, now that RNG was at the backseat Nigma controlled much of the field, enjoying outpost XP boosts and Roshan. Nigma finally and went in for some massacre, buybacks used by RNG but Nigma found the kills and w33’s Windranger found the opportunity to attack RNG Ancient to even the series.

Game 3:

Game three was a quick one had the same early game story from game 2 for Nigma. Nigma racking up kills but Royal Never Give Up holding their grounds in terms of farm. This time Nigma manage to take control in the mid game. Miracle- once again flexing on his Phantom Lancer, having an early Diffusal Blade timing and using it to drain mana of Gao “Setsu” Zhenxiong’s Storm Spirit.

This one only took 23 minutes as they stomped over RNG and took the series lead.

Game 4:

Game four had a different tale to tell this time. While the early game was fairly even, RNG went mad in the mid-game with an early radiance on Du ”Monet” Peng’s Spectre. Nigma was quickly on their back foot already.

RNG grew scary and monstrous but had to fight out Miracle-’s Drow Ranger heading to high ground. They were able to take out two lanes of barracks from Nigma’s base but heading to the third lane of racks despite being 40,000 gold deficit Nigma initiated a team fight that forced out multiple buybacks.

Taking no time they charged down the midlane and demolished RNG’s tier-four towers and ended up bursting down the ancient to steal away the victory right in front of RNG’s eyes. Summing up the series 3-1 in favour of Nigma.

Kuro once again shows how humble he is, heading to celebrations. w33 hesitated lifting the trophy so kuro insisted and when Kuro got Support MVP of the tournament he immediately gave it to GH.

With that, the first DPC even of 2020 comes to an end as Nigma claims the final slot heading to the DreamLeauge Season 13 Major.


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