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Dominate the Apex Legends Season 10 in style with Apex Coins

Season 9 of Apex Legends brought some new changes not only to the Respawn’s game but to the Battle Royale genre altogether. For the first time, players were able to soar the skies with the new flying Legend – Valkyrie.

Apex Legends Season 10

Meanwhile, the Arenas mode delivered the re-invented staple of the Battle Royale formula. With season 9 behind us, it’s time to dive into season 10. And isn’t there a better way to dominate your enemies than looking fabulous? Check out the cool things Respawn has prepared for you in season 10.

Meet the new Legend – Seer

Tired of running in circles without finding your enemy and getting shot in the back? Well then, the new Apex Legend just might be what you were waiting for. Meet the ambush artist Seer. He may not be the damage-dealing machine but with his tracking abilities, Seer is shaping to be a welcome addition to the ever-growing Apex roster.

While aiming down his sights, Seer can hear and visualize the heartbeat of nearby enemies giving his team the tactical advantage. Summoning his micro-drones to emit a delayed blast that goes through walls, Seer can interrupt enemies healing and revival and reveal their location for 8 seconds. Similarly works his special ability which creates a sphere out of his micro-drones, allowing Seer to mark the player within the sphere’s range.

As usual, unlocking the new Legend will cost 12,000 Legend Tokens but you can get Seer as soon as you want with 750 Apex Coins. Take matters into your own hands and dominate the match with Seer’s tracking abilities now. Get Apex Coins at the best price at the Eneba shop by clicking here.

It’s all about the looks!

Last season’s superstar Valkyrie instantly became one of the fan-favorite characters. Her ability to fly shifted the gameplay after her ground-breaking introduction. In season 10, Valk continues to soar the skies and with the new Legendary skin, she’ll look astonishing doing it. Valkyrie dons a magenta powers it with a horned visor and similar bug-eyed lenses.

Meanwhile, Horizon is getting her own colorful make-over.

All the goodies, including the new light machine gun called Rampage LMG, Legendary skins for Valkyrie and Horizon, music packs, weapon cosmetics, emotes are included and obtained with the season 10 Battle Pass. On August 12, Respawn is releasing an Emergence pack, including 600 Apex Coins and limited skin for Seer. Winning is cool ‘n all but doing so in style is worth every coin.

Don’t wait for the season to be over. Unlock the Battle pass right now and start winning with style. Top up your wallet with Apex Coins and a lot of other game deals at Eneba.com.

Prashant Shankar
Prashant Shankar
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