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DJ leaves Fnatic

DJ is officially out of Fnatic as he leaves the current roster on valve’s Major Registrations list. Just after The International 6, Fnatic will undergo some changes even after placing 4th at TI.

DJ out of Fnatic


DJ left the team on 19th August 2016 leaving Fnatic with only 4 active players.

With this, post International shuffle starts. Fnatic after securing a top 4 finish at The International 6 was not able to hold their roster for a long time and Dj left the party.

It is not yet confirmed that DJ is out. No official statements are made by Fnatic or by DJ.

There are chances that DJ might be added back to the roster after 4th September.

dj leaves fnatic

This year, team registrations phase will have two steps. The first phase which will end on 4th September where teams have to release the members who will not be a part of their organisation. The second phase will start from 4th September for two weeks. Teams are required to add the new members to the roster in this given time. Teams who fail to update their roster will have to play from the open qualifiers as followed last year.

Since the teams looked strong and committed to the organisation, it can be expected that DJ might be added to the roster since no announcements are made yet about him joining any other team.

With this, Fnatic has concluded post-TI shuffle.

Fnatic Current Roster :

ID Name Position
Mushi Chai Yee Fung 1
MidOne Yeik Nai Zheng 2
Ohaiyo Chong Xin Khoo 3
343 Adam Erwann Shah bin Akhtar Hussein 5
Vishal 'Arrow' Gupta
Vishal 'Arrow' Gupta
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