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Discord is allegedly assigning gender to users with machine-learning AI

According to a recent revelation, Discord has been accused of assigning its gender to its users by using a proprietary machine learning algorithm,

Discord uses machine learning (ML), an application of artificial intelligence, to assign users’ gender and age categories. This was discovered by X user DiscordPreviews. They extracted the data from the social network’s data bundles and asserted that the business has been doing this since August 2023.

“Like other companies, we use information to help us understand our business and improve the product. That includes certain inferences we may make about users. We include this information in users’ data requests for transparency, and users can limit the information we use by toggling the “Use data to improve Discord” off in the Privacy & Safety settings.” said Discord in their press statement.

If you want to know what gender Discord assigned you follow the steps below.

  • Open the data package Zip file.
  • Go to analytics under activity.
  • Look for “predicted gender” in the code.

Look for the predicted gender or simply copy FIND “predicted_gender” events-2024-00000-of-00001.json.

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