Discord Down: Discord not working for many reportedly stuck on connecting

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Discord, a popular hangout platform for gamers, is down and not working for many as the application is having connectivity issues. Users who are trying to launch Discord are stuck on connecting and are unable to use any of the features in this application.

Those who are unfamiliar to Discord, it is a VoIP and messaging platform with custom servers where most of the people hang out virtually. It is quite popular among gamers as a medium for voice call while playing multiplayer games and apparently, the application is not working.

The user connectivity issue cases have rapidly risen in the past couple of hours and popular site checker Downdetector shows a sharp rise in number of people reporting issues with Discord during this time period. This issue has been addressed by their Indian social media handle as well.

Photo: https://downdetector.in/

Down Detector India has confirmed that Discord is down and users are reporting connectivity issues. There is no quick solution to solve this problem right now. Users can try troubleshooting but they should patiently wait for the officials to address this issue and fix the problem.

Discord has not confirmed this connection outage for now but this issue is expected to be addressed by their social media handles very soon. We suggest you to check for the updates and patiently wait till the issue is solved by them.

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