“It Takes Two” Director Thinks Cyberpunk 2077 Got Unfair Amount Of Criticism

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Founder of Hazelight Studios, Film Director, and Game Designer, Josef Fares think consumers went too hard on Cyberpunk 2077’s launch mayhem. Josef is well known for giving hit two-player coop games like Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons (2013) and A Way Out (2018). 

In absence of E3, Geoff Keighley is going around social media and talking with various developers about their upcoming games and how the year 2020 went for studios. Yesterday while chatting with Josef Fares on Twitter, a fan of his prompted a question for Josef asking about his take on the Cyberpunk 2077 launch fiasco. Answering the fan, Fares said, “Cyberpunk got an unfair amount of sh*t”. 

Fares counted the challenges his team and studio had to face because of Covid-19 induced restrictions and the abrupt chaos it caused. He believes that the developers at CDPR worked under immense pressure to meet the deadline for a game that was already delayed twice and delaying it more was out of the question. Fares says that the developers might have gone with the release to cut their losses and to keep the buzz around the game alive. He supports giving CDPR some leeway because of the Covid-19 circumstances and the scale of the game. 

Josef’s latest game, It Takes Two, is ready for release and is launching on 26th March. The game features Josef’s signature two-player coop gameplay that has earned Hazelight Studios many fans in 2018. 

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