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Diablo 4 Sales Surpass $666 Million in Five Days

Blizzard Entertainment’s Diablo series has always been a chart-topper when it comes to sales figures. Diablo 4 was one of the most highly anticipated games of the year and was presumed to be a stark improvement over Diablo 3 which wasn’t necessarily impressive. Diablo 4 hit the ground running and quickly became a massive success which begs the question, how many copies have they sold?

When Blizzard finally unveiled Diablo 4 in 2023, the game garnered an overwhelmingly positive response. Fans loved the game but so did the critics, which contributed to the massive success of the game. It will be safe to assume that Blizzard’s sales managed to reach a seven-figure number so let’s find out.

According to their own press release, Blizzard claims to have generated a revenue of $666 million in the first five days of the game hitting the stores. According to them, Diablo has become their highest-selling game of all time. With the Stand Edition costing around $60, we can presume the figure lies at just around 10 million copies.

Diablo 4 continues to add to the banks of Blizzard as you read this article, since then, Blizzard might have sold a couple million more copies of the game. Suffice it to say, the efforts put in by the development, production and marketing by Blizzard were worth it given the economic success of the game.

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