Destiny 2 Cheat Maker To Pay $13.5 Million To Bungie For Copyright Infringement

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The famous Bungie vs Cheat Maker lawsuit which was filed in August last year has finally come to a conclusion. After going to court almost a year ago, the lawsuit against the cheat provider Elite Boss Tech has concluded in favor of the Destiny 2 developer. 

First reported by TorrentFreak, both Bungie and Elite Boss Tech have come to an agreement where the cheat provider will pay Bungie $13.5 million in fines. As reported before, the cheat software was downloaded 6,765 times over its short lifetime before Bungie filed for a DMCA takedown, so in theory, Elite Boss Tech is going to pay $2000 per download of the cheat software. 

“Game developer Bungie and Elite Boss Tech, a creator of cheating software for the popular Destiny 2 game, have reached an agreement to end a copyright infringement lawsuit. The stipulated consent judgment, in which Elite Boss Tech admits thousands of violations of the DMCA’s anti-circumvention provisions, includes a permanent injunction and statutory damages of $13.5 million.” – TorrentFreak

It is believed that an agreement was reached only because the costly lawsuit has dragged on for far too long for the cash-strapped defendant — Elite Boss Tech. 

Along with the $13.5 million the court also permanently banned the cheat provider, including named defendants and several anonymous creators and providers of cheats from further creation or distribution of any software that infringes on intellectual property belonging to Bungie.

In its February status report, Bungie had stressed that the company is very serious about its IPs and said that Destiny 2’s commercial viability depends on the integrity of its gameplay and the positive experiences of its players. Bungie concluded the report by saying that they are confident in winning the lawsuit which will set an example for any future IP infringements. 

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