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Death Stranding Set for Release on Select Apple Devices

“Death Stranding”, the genre-defying game from legendary creator Hideo Kojima, is set to launch its Director’s Cut edition on select Apple devices on January 30, 2024. This release marks the game’s debut on the iOS and Mac platforms, specifically targeting iPhone 15 Pro models, iPads, and Macs with M-series chips.

The Director’s Cut of “Death Stranding” not only offers the base game but also includes additional content. Players can explore new locations like an underground factory, engage in expanded story missions, and make use of new tools to aid in the game’s unique package-delivery gameplay. These tools include a cargo launcher and a stabilizer to prevent the protagonist, Sam Porter Bridges, from falling and losing his cargo.

This release on Apple devices comes after a short delay and is priced at $40, with a 50% discount for those who pre-order. The game will make full use of Metal 3 features on Mac, promising unparalleled graphical fidelity and performance. The Director’s Cut also boasts a high frame rate, a photo mode, and crossover content from other popular franchises like “Half-Life” and “Cyberpunk 2077”.

Kojima Productions has also announced a sequel to “Death Stranding”, along with a movie adaptation in collaboration with indie film powerhouse A24. The sequel, titled “Death Stranding 2”, is currently in development for PS5, and rumors suggest more details will be revealed soon. The game’s potential full title, “Death Stranding 2 – On The Beach”, has been leaked by a reliable dataminer, with a new reveal expected in the upcoming weeks.

For fans of Kojima’s work and those intrigued by the unique experience that “Death Stranding” offers, its arrival on Apple devices presents an exciting new way to dive into its mysterious and captivating world​​​.

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