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Dead Island 2 For PC Might Be An Epic Games Store Exclusive Title

The ongoing Apple Vs Epic court battle has revealed many interesting details about Epic Games Store and how Epic operates it. Recent documents made public during the ongoing trials reveal that the upcoming Dead Island 2 will be exclusive to Epic Games Store. 

One such document named “Review of Performance and Strategy” from October 2019 was made public. The document refers to both Dead Island 2 and an upcoming Saints Row game being Epic Store exclusives. Although the document doesn’t specify what “upcoming Saints Row” Epic is referring to but we believe it might not be The Saints Row 5. As some people pointed out, Saints Row: The Third Remastered that released in May 2019 was also an EGS exclusive game and since the document was drafted in Oct 2019, it might refer to the same Saints Row game. 

Dead Island 2 has had a treble development cycle with multiple setbacks and studio changes. The game was originally announced back in 2014 and was originally being developed by Techland, the original team behind the first Dead Island. But before development began, the studios were switched and Yager was put in charge of the game development. In 2015, Yager was pulled from the project and later shut down, passing the project to Sumo Digital. In 2019, the game development jumped studios once again, with Dambuster Studios taking over the project. Since then nothing conclusive was ever revealed about the game and it was believed to be on its way to cancellation. Only recently has the publisher Deep Silver confirmed that it’s still on the way and will release “soon”.

The Apple Vs Epic court battle is revealing interesting details every time a court hearing is held. We might finally get some information about Steam, as the court had previously ordered Valve to help Apple and provide information about the Steam store.

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