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David Dobrick wins a bet to make his friend work at his restaurant

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David Dobrick moved to Twitch to attract a new set of audiences and given his fame on YouTube, he almost hit the ground running on Twitch. Upon shifting, he’s been religiously streaming on the platform, mostly Warzone.

During a game of Warzone, Dobrick managed to win a bet against his friend, who now must come to Los Angeles and work at his restaurant.

During a live stream with his friend John, Dobrick was undergoing a series of losses that pushed an agreement out of John. Dobrick placed a bet, asking John to move to LA if they manage to win the next game, and if anyone knows Dobrick they wouldn’t dare to rule out his chances.

Given the losing streak, John agreed and now he repents. David managed to clutch the game and now John is obliged to work in his pizza join in LA.

From John’s reaction, it is clear that it was the last thing wanted although many wouldn’t skip on the chance to spend time with David Dobrick. John is reluctant to get a demotion in his career much less work at a Pizza joint. Working with Dobrick means a lot of cash flowing into his pocket, but so far we are unsure if John will join him leaving the Chemical lab he works for as of late.

Now that a bet has been placed, John might go against his wishes as David Dobrick will pay his friend handsomely to work for him. Staying with the latter will expose John to a huge number of audiences which if he chooses to might use them to make his own channel.

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