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Cypher can break Sage walls in a game breaking Valorant bug

After the Valorant 2.0 patch, a new exploit lets Cypher players use their camera to break Sage walls instantly.

The highly anticipated Valorant Episode 2 has finally arrived, and it has brought it with it a plethora of new changes to the game. However, it seems like some bugs and exploits have slipped through the radar, as a new Cypher exploit has surfaced within only a few hours since the patch went live.

The newly surfaced exploit was shared to Reddit by u/Kuwororo, and it shows Cypher instantly breaking Sage walls using his camera.

To recreate the exploit, Cypher players have to place their camera at a specific position in order to be able to break the Sage wall. As mentioned in the video, players have to aim their camera at the junction between the Sage wall and a real wall.

If done correctly, the wall will explode similar to how it would interact with Raze’s Blast Packs.

However, since Cypher’s camera isn’t intended to interact with Sage walls like the Blast Packs, it can be easily said that this is an exploit and It’s highly likely that this exploit is going to be patched in the next few hours.

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