Cyberpunk 2077 Patch 1.20 brings 100+ fixes to the game including Ray Tracing for AMD GPUs


After a polarizing release and bug-riddled launch, especially for console players, Cyberpunk 2077 just received its first “major” update which addresses more than a hundred issues. You read that right, just about 100+ fixes alone which aren’t entirely surprising, considering how the game was full of issues for players on every platform which confirms how broken and unfinished the game was at launch and clearly required a good amount of polishing before release.
Despite the few fixes in the previous three hotfixes (Ver 1.04 – Ver 1.06) and Patch 1.1 released by CDPR, there were no noticeable improvements prior to this update.

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Console players can expect a better and much more stable experience after this update as Patch 1.20 notably features an increased NCPD spawn radius after a player commits a crime along with various NPC behavior fixes as well as improved memory management, performance and stability, and UI fixes. Which means no more crashes, random deaths, T-Posing, or freakish character models. The most notable change here is the addition of Ray Tracing for AMD GPU users as the feature was previously limited to NVIDIA’s RTX series lineup.

If the roadmap is anything to go by, we can expect free DLC add-ons for the game in the upcoming months as well as a free next-gen update for PS5 and Xbox Series S|X. 

This gigantic update is over 40Gb and is now live on PC (Steam, GOG, and EGS) and Consoles while the Stadia users can expect the update next week. Read the full patch notes here.