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CSGOEmpire Controversy Rocks Copenhagen Major, Teams and Casters Boycott

The recent PGL Major Copenhagen for Counter-Strike 2 was supposed to be a celebration of skill and competitive spirit. Instead, it became a cautionary tale about the dangers of unchecked rivalry and irresponsible marketing stunts. At the heart of the controversy is CSGOEmpire, a skin gambling site whose actions have shaken the CS2 community to its core.


The rivalry between CSGOEmpire and CSGORoll is nothing new, but things took an unprecedented turn at the Copenhagen Major. In a misguided attempt to undermine their competitor, CSGOEmpire orchestrated a disruptive stage rush during a G2 match (a team sponsored by CSGORoll). The ensuing chaos resulted in the Major’s trophy being damaged, a truly shocking act of disrespect within the esports world.

Community Backlash: Teams, Casters, and Organizers Take a Stand

The fallout has been swift and severe. Major teams like ENCE and GamerLegion have unequivocally withdrawn from the tournament, refusing to associate with such disruptive behavior. ENCE’s CEO minced no words, calling those involved “idiots.” Prominent casters have followed suit, distancing themselves from the tainted event. Even the tournament organizer, Fortuna, has severed ties with CSGOEmpire.

CSGOEmpire’s owner, Monarch, has been banned from the online community platform Kick, further cementing his pariah status. While the trophy has been repaired and the Major will continue, the damage to CSGOEmpire’s reputation may be irreparable.

The Copenhagen debacle highlights the need for stricter regulations and ethical guidelines within the esports industry, particularly where skin gambling is concerned. This incident serves as a stark reminder that destructive marketing tactics have no place in a community built on passion and fair play.

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