ZyWOo bags the Most Valuable Player award at Blast.tv Major 2023

zywoo mvp

After winning it for his team the Blast.tv Paris Major 2023, Mathieu “ZywOo” Herbaut was given the most valuable player award. The 22-year-old French won his first Major trophy at home and was the catalyst for his team’s success.

The AWPer for Vitality played exceptionally well in the final against GamerLegion, and his contributions were enough to propel him ahead of players like Martin “Stavn” Lund, Mihai “iM” Ivan, and Lotan “Spinx” Giladi to win the MVP award. 

ZywOo’s performance was so far incredible, but he wasn’t the only one that fragged hard for Vitality. Spinx finished the Major with a 1.26 player rating, good for third place overall behind tournament winner ZywOo and GamerLegion’s Ivan “iM” Mihai, who was a tournament standout for his whole performance.

The 22-year-old maintained his form throughout the event, placing him at the top of various statistical categories. According to statistics by HLTV.org, ZyWoO ended the blast.tv major with a 2.0 rating of 1.39 across 10 Maps.  

In addition to his first-place finishes in KD-diff (+92) and Damage diff per round (23.3), he also showed outstanding performance in other areas, such as DPR (#3) (86.7), rounds with at least one kill (#2) (54.2), and impact rating (#1) (1.47).

ZyWOo added yet another MVP award to his cabinet, making it 15 in total. As per the stats, Nicolai “device” Reedtz (19) and Oleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev (21) currently lead the count. The MVP award just sits as a cherry on top of the cake for ZyWOo as he had never won a major before achieving this feat. 

ZywOo is the third French player to ever win a Major MVP trophy after Happy of LDLC at DreamHack Winter 2014 and the kennyS of EnVyUs at DreamHack Cluj-Napoca 2015,

In the finals against GamerLegion, he saved his finest performance for last, posting a +20 K/D in both Nuke and Overpass. This was his second playoff series in which he finished with a +20 score; the first was against Into the Breach.
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