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Valve Fixes Issues With CSGO Trust Factor Matchmaking

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Through a Tweet on April 29th, Valve announced that they have fixed some underlying problems in Trust factor matchmaking.

According to the developers, players may have experienced a lot of “bad matches” recently as a result of this issue with Trust matchmaking.

Needless to say, this is exciting news for the CSGO player base since this update will help players get matched in fair games.

If you were finding yourself being placed in competitive matches with cheaters or griefers recently, it was likely due to this issue.

CSGO has been facing a huge problem with cheaters since the dawn of its existence. The Trust Factor matchmaking system was introduced by Valve as a countermeasure to separate them from the clean player base.

Moving forward, players can expect to experience a significant improvement of the quality in matchmaking.

If you’re still encountering cheaters in your games, remember to report them in-game which may lead to them receiving a permanent ban from VAC or Overwatch.

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