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7 CSGO Pros Accused of Breaking Ukraine’s Wartime Travel Policy

Seven talented Counter-Strike players who recently participated in the highly anticipated BLAST Paris Major have found themselves entangled in a legal predicament. The Ukrainian Sports Ministry, on May 26, unveiled a list of 236 athletes who failed to adhere to the country’s travel regulations by not returning home following the competition. In this article, we delve into the circumstances surrounding this incident and shed light on the potential consequences for these players.

In light of Russia’s ongoing conflict with Ukraine, martial law was imposed in the country, prohibiting male Ukrainian nationals between the ages of 18 and 60 from leaving. However, an exception was made for athletes participating in international sporting events. The Ukrainian Sports Ministry permitted selected foreign travel on the condition that athletes return to Ukraine after the competition’s conclusion.

As reported by escorenews, the Ukrainian Ministry of Youth and Sports disclosed the names of 236 athletes who failed to comply with the expected return date. Among them were seven esteemed CSGO players: Viktor “sdy” Orudzhev, Volodymyr “Woro2k” Veletnjuk, and Serghij “DemQQ” Demchenko from Monte, along with Arsenyj “cptkurtka023” Derevynskyj, Denys “amster” Ljashenko, Aleksei “alex666” Yarmoshchuk, and Mykhajlo “OWNER” Lymar from B8. Notably, Dmytro Vovk, CEO of Monte, was also included in the list.

Monte emerged as one of the standout teams in the BLAST Paris Major, surpassing expectations by outperforming their fellow countrymen, Natus Vincere, and ultimately securing a top-eight finish. On the other hand, B8 competed in the European RMR A qualifier just prior to the main tournament, where they, unfortunately, faced elimination at the hands of Cloud9.

Following the publication of the list, Monte issued an apology to the ministry and provided an explanation through a post on Telegram. They stated that while authorized by the sports ministry to participate in the European RMR B qualifier until April 16, they decided to disregard the restriction and remain until the Major’s conclusion on May 21 when DemQQ and Woro2k returned home.

To meet his obligations in the online ESL Challenger League matches against Team Spirit Academy and Sprout, sdy temporarily relocated to Poland. He intends to return “in a few days.”

Monte concluded their statement by emphasizing their pride in representing Ukraine on a global stage and their contributions to raising awareness of the ongoing conflict. They expressed regret for not adhering to the travel regulations promptly, acknowledging the Ministry of Youth and Sports of Ukraine and their aspirations to continue showcasing their country’s excellence. However, no mention was made regarding the whereabouts of Monte’s CEO, and B8 is yet to release a statement regarding the players implicated in the incident.

While the specific consequences for violating the travel rules remain uncertain, it is expected that travel abroad will become significantly more challenging for the players listed. Monte’s upcoming international LAN event, the ESL Pro League Season 18 in Malta, is scheduled to commence on August 30.

As the situation unfolds, the future of these talented Ukrainian CSGO players hangs in the balance, awaiting clarity on the potential ramifications they may face for their actions.

The recent revelation of Ukrainian CSGO players breaking travel laws has sparked considerable attention within the esports community. These players, who showcased their skills at the BLAST Paris Major, now find themselves facing potential consequences for their failure to comply with the travel regulations imposed by the Ukrainian government.

The incident highlights the importance of respecting and abiding by travel laws, even in the context of sporting events. As Ukraine grapples with the ongoing conflict with Russia, stringent measures have been put in place to safeguard its citizens. The martial law, which restricts the movement of male Ukrainian nationals between the ages of 18 and 60, aims to ensure their safety and contribute to the country’s stability.

However, exceptions were made for athletes participating in international competitions, recognizing the significance of sports in fostering international relations and providing a platform for Ukrainian talent to shine. The Ukrainian Sports Ministry’s approval of foreign travel for athletes came with the expectation that they would promptly return to Ukraine following the conclusion of their respective events.

The inclusion of seven CSGO players on the list of violators, including notable names from Monte and B8, has brought the issue to the forefront. Monte, in particular, proved to be a pleasant surprise in the BLAST Paris Major, defeating their compatriots, Natus Vincere, and making it to the top eight. B8, on the other hand, had their journey cut short in the European RMR A qualifier, falling to Cloud9.

In response to the revelation, Monte expressed remorse and issued an apology to the Ministry of Youth and Sports of Ukraine. They acknowledged the gravity of their actions and highlighted the pride they felt in representing Ukraine on a global stage. Their achievements in the tournament, coupled with their efforts to raise awareness and support for the Ukrainian Armed Forces, further underscore their dedication to their country.

While Monte provided an explanation for their delay in returning, the whereabouts of their CEO remain undisclosed. Additionally, B8, the team implicated in the incident, has yet to release a statement addressing their players’ involvement.

The immediate consequences for the athletes’ transgressions remain uncertain. However, it is anticipated that future travel opportunities abroad will be significantly impacted for those listed. This unfortunate turn of events may hinder their participation in international tournaments and limit their ability to compete on a global scale.

Looking ahead, Monte’s next international LAN event is scheduled to be the ESL Pro League Season 18 in Malta, which is set to commence on August 30. Whether the players involved will be allowed to participate remains uncertain, pending further developments and potential sanctions imposed by the Ukrainian Sports Ministry.

As the esports community waits for more information regarding the penalties these players may face, this incident serves as a reminder of the importance of adhering to travel regulations and maintaining the integrity of competitive sports. It is hoped that the consequences, whatever they may be, will serve as a learning opportunity for athletes and reinforce the significance of upholding the rules and regulations set forth by their respective countries.

The actions of the seven CSGO players who failed to return to Ukraine following the BLAST Paris Major have raised concerns and sparked discussions within the esports community. The repercussions they may face for violating travel laws are yet to be determined. As the situation unfolds, it serves as a sobering reminder of the responsibilities athletes bear and the impact their actions can have on their careers and the reputation of their country.

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