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Liquid took on FaZe in the grand finals of BLAST Pro Series Lose Angeles. The finals saw them beat FaZe Clan in the two map affair on Nuke and Inferno after the following vetoes:

  • FaZe removed Overpass
  • Liquid removed Train
  • FaZe picked Nuke
  • Liquid picked Inferno
  • FaZe removed Vertigo
  • Liquid removed Dust2
  • Mirage was left over

The scores were as follows:

  • Liquid win Nuke (16-13)
  • Liquid win Inferno (16-6)

The first map saw Liquid on the defending site where they showed a streak of brilliance and were able to completely shut down FaZe’s attacks. The North-American side went onto taking 11 rounds in the first half, limiting FaZe to 4. As the sides switched, FaZe looked much better and mounted hopes of a comeback by pulling back rounds in their favor. However, it was not possible for them as Liquid finally managed to close out the game with a 16-13 scoreline.

The second map of the series was Inferno where Liquid was attacking FaZe’s defense. FaZe looked much better on the first half and limited Liquid to a modest score of 9 rounds on the first half. However, FaZe were unable to break Liquid’s Inferno CT side and lost 7 rounds in a row and lost the final map of the series with a scoreline of 16-6.

The match saw Twistzz leading by example with 46 kills to him with only 25 deaths in the series. He had a rating of 1.45 out of 2.0 in the series.

BLAST Pro Series Los Angeles final standings:

Liquid’s next competition will be at IEM Chicago, which starts on July 18. The $250,000 tournament will feature teams like Vitality, ENCE, G2, and MIBR.


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