Esports has started transcending beyond the virtual boundaries that people had created for it. But, it is yet to go mainstream in India, with people still maintaining an adverse opinion on it. Riyan Parag of Rajasthan Royals recently found some tough love from one of his Instagram followers.

The 18-year-old Under-19 World Cup-winning star broke into the limelight after his IPL debut for Rajasthan Royals against Chennai Super Kings in 2019 and is tipped to be a future star. Riyan is also a CSGO enthusiast and is often seen playing the popular esport. Recently, he posted a 1v3 csgo clutch on the map de_vertigo on his Instagram story.

Alas, he was met with a message from one of his followers in his Instagram DMs, berating him for the same. The guy, who goes by the handle dighambar2345, went on a small rant whiel also advising Riyan to focus on his cricketing career.

We believe people like Riyan and every other Sportsperson has the right to do what he wants in their free time, especially at a time when Coronavirus has almost everything on lockdown. In fact, we like Riyan’s taste in esports.