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PGL CSGO Major: paiN, Godsent qualify, Extra Salt and BnB miss out

The RMR event in the North American region now awaits the outcome from the Evil Geniuses Vs EXTREMUM fixture which would determine the team finishing in the 5th place and book themselves a Challengers/Contenders spot at the forthcoming PGL Major.

Earlier today, the Alan “⁠Shakezullah⁠” Hardeman led Bad News Bears suffered a defeat at the hands of EXTREMUM, had they won against the Aussies, the North American roster would have placed third post Team Liquid’s win over Extra Salt and paiN’s over ATK. Alas, their run at the ongoing RMR event came to an end on Inferno as they seemed unable to convert their first-half momentum with Aaron “AZR” Ward and co-running away with the win, 16-9. 

As discussed, Liquid’s win over Extra Salt too paved the way for paiN towards the major combined with the latter’s triumph over ATK who never had their say at the event. While in Group B, GODSENT who at the start of the event had 0 RMR points to their name made it through to the playoffs after picking wins over 00Nation, TeamOne, Evil Geniuses, and Triumph in the round-robin stage. The Brazilian side finished second in Group B and would now face team Liquid in the Semi-Final #1. 

With Team Liquid, FURIA, Godsent, and paiN booking their seats at the major, it all comes down to Evil Geniuses Vs EXTREMUM, who will contest for the 5th place finish on the RMR table. Either one of them makes it to the main event and it would be the Best of 3 series, to be played on Saturday which will determine their fate ahead of the marquee event. 

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