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nitr0 may switch back to CSGO

Former Team Liquid IGL Nick Canella aka nitr0 might be looking for a way back to Counter Strike: Global Offensive after his brief stint in Valorant did not go anywhere near what he might have hoped for.

After reports of 100 Thieves dropping their coach surfaced, it was clear that the organization was looking to make changes to reach the true potential of the roster. Not more than just a month ago, one of the newer additions in Ethan suggested that changes were imminent and 100 Thieves would see more changes before they settle on a roster.

With the situation surrounding Team Liquid’s CSGO roster, nitr0 switching back to resume the role of skipper would not be the worst thing that can happen to them. Even though this was just a sketchy rumor, EliGE’s FACEIT history added fuel to the fire after he was spotted playing matches with nitr0 and AdreN, who happens to be the coach of Team Liquid.

nitr0 was part of the most dominant Team Liquid roster as they were able to put together a team that was a constant threat to Astralis who looking indomitable in their prime back in 2019.

After his departure, Liquid struggled to find a natural shot caller as the responsibility fell in the hands of Jake Yip aka Stewie2K, who was passed it onto Gabriel “falleN” Toledo but they failed to find their form under the Brazilian shot-caller.

With strong rumors suggesting falleN reuniting with the former SK-Luminosity core, an opportunity for nitr0 might arise where he must take up the mantle of Captain America one more time as the skipper of Team Liquid.

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