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NAVI’s s1mple expresses concern over communication in new roster

Oleskandr Kostyliev aka s1mple has raised concerns and hopes for the new lineup and shared his initial impressions of his new teammates. One major topic of discussion was the language barrier, with s1mple admitting that it will take some time to adjust to communicating in English.

This concern is raised after the addition of Aleksi “Aleksib” Virolainen, Mihai “iM” Ivan, and Justinas “jL” Lekavicius to the team. Teams are getting ready to compete at the highest level again after a series of changes over the past few weeks and NAVI opting for an international squad would mean players who spent years communicating in their native language would switch to English.

“I will feel more comfortable in a few months. Even when I joined Liquid, it was a bit hard for me, and there were people helping me with my English,” said s1mple. “Maybe we will have some communication issues. I worry only about this.”

“I feel we will have a really nice honeymoon period, maybe we will even start really well at the beginning, that’s my opinion. But after we will have some problems, like usually when you start to learn new maps, it’s gonna be pretty hard. I feel we need at least three months.” he added.

The season hasn’t been the best for NAVI and s1mple personally, years after dominating the scene, he finds himself away from the best player spot which prompted NAVI to take tough steps that will lead to a lot of adjusting. It can be a few more months before we see a dominant NAVI once again.

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