NaVi Secure Playoffs Spot at IEM Katowice 2022 With Win Over FURIA

Natus Vincere had no hiccups today as they 2-0’d FURIA in the upper bracket.

navi vs furia

NaVi booked themselves a place at the Spodek Arena with a 2-0 win versus FURIA. The NaVi that struggled and almost lost versus ENCE yesterday displayed a completely new face today as they defeated the Brazilians with relative ease. Mirage was an absolute stomp, with just 2 rounds for FURIA. Nuke was closer but FURIA was never really in the game despite coming close. NaVi will face the winner of FaZe vs fnatic, to decide who goes through to the semis, and who drops to the quarters.


  • FURIA removed Dust2 
  • Natus Vincere removed Vertigo 
  • FURIA picked Mirage 
  • Natus Vincere picked Nuke 
  • FURIA removed Overpass 
  • Natus Vincere removed Ancient 
  • Inferno was left over

MAP 1: Mirage (NaVi 16-2 FURIA)

MAP 2: Nuke (NaVi 16-12 FURIA)

We kicked off on FURIA’s pick of Mirage, not knowing what they had in store for them. Arguably the best duo in CSGO at the moment, s1mple and electronic made mincemeat of FURIA’s T side. Both of them had 15 frags each, combined with 13 from b1t on the catwalk, FURIA could do nothing but see their T side fall flat. At the end of the half, it was 13-2 in NaVi’s favor.

They dotted their i’s and crossed the t’s to see out the remaining 3 and blow FURIA out of the water with a 16-2 stomp.

Nuke, where NaVi were humbled by ENCE and handed their biggest loss, was picked by the reigning Major Champions yet again to show what they were made of. They went on a tear with brilliant executes on the A site again and again to break FURIA every time they had the economy on their side. A 10-2 start was somewhat salvaged by FURIA, courtesy of KSCERATO who outdid everyone on the server. FURIA went into the T side with a 10-5 deficit.

A pistol win saw FURIA cut the lead down to 2 rounds but once we moved to the full buy rounds, all of NaVi started fragging out. A string of 4 meant NaVi sat comfortably at 14-8. KSCERATO proved yet again that he wasn’t done and found entries, again and again, to help FURIA to 3 more on the trot. But NaVi’s CT side wasn’t gonna crumble so easily and they did their due diligence and ended an inspired T side from the Brazilians at 16-12.

KSCERATO outraged everyone on the server with 34 kills in just 28 rounds of play. The next best was s1mple with 22.


NaVi confirmed their spot at the Spodek and will play FaZe or fnatic for a chance to make it to the semis straightaway.

FURIA will have another chance to make it to the playoffs as they will play G2 in the lower bracket for a chance at survival.