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NaVi and FaZe Clan to Battle It Out At PGL Antwerp Major Grand Final

NaVi brushed aside ENCE 2-0 in their semi final game to meet FaZe.

Natus Vincere beat ENCE 2-0 in the second semi-final at the PGL Antwerp Major to book their spot at yet another CSGO Major Grand final on the trot. They beat ENCE convincingly in just 2 maps, as the international roster never looked in contention, despite a close Dust2. NaVi had a slow start to 2022 but they have gotten better and better at every step of the way at the Major and will look to become the third team after fnatic and Astralis to win back to back CSGO Majors when they face FaZe Clan in the Grand Final tomorrow.


  • ENCE removed Inferno 
  • Natus Vincere removed Vertigo 
  • ENCE picked Nuke 
  • Natus Vincere picked Dust2 
  • Natus Vincere removed Overpass 
  • ENCE removed Ancient 
  • Mirage was left over

MAP 1 – Nuke (NaVi 16-7 ENCE)

ENCE decided to test NaVi on Nuke, a map the international roster had an 87% win percentage on, and one which NaVi had fallen out of favor with as of late until they beat Heroic convincingly in the quarters. 

NaVi’s CT start helped them get total control of the half, powered by incredible fragging from IGL boombl4 who had a 1.92 CT rating. ENCE could only find 4 rounds on the T side, 2 of them off the back of force buys but were never in control.

After switching sides, NaVi lost the pistol and conversions but once the full buys came out, they won all the subsequent rounds to breeze past ENCE 16-7 on Nuke. s1mple top fragged with 28 kills and a 1.75 rating, just behind boombl4’s 1.77.

MAP 2 – Dust2 (NaVi 16- ENCE)

Dust2 was the pick of NaVi and after a slight back and forth at the start, NaVi took control towards the end. s1mple hit almost every shot on the CT’s cross to B site, and ENCE were at a disadvantage almost every round. When they looked down, b1t stepped up with a 1v3 clutch to send ENCE packing again.

NaVi won the half 9-6 as they shifted to the CT side. On the defence they looked even better if that was possible. They went on a streak of 5 before they lost a round. It looked said and done at 15-7, but inspired calling from Snappi spurred ENCE to 5 rounds straight. He called B rushes for 2 rounds straight with great results, but 3rd time was the charm for NaVi as b1t and perfecto shut it down to send ENCE home 16-12 and win the series 2-0.

NaVi will now face FaZe Clan in the Grand Final of PGL Antwerp Major to try and defend their crown after winning PGL Stockholm 2021. The Bo3 Grand Final will take place at 23:30 IST tomorrow at the Sportspaleis Antwerp. 

ENCE go home alongside Team Spirit in 3-4th place and win $70,000 in prize money.


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