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NA CSGO player caught cheating during Blast Paris Major Open Qualifier

Following a great start to the CSGO year with IEM Katowice, all eyes are set on the Blast Paris Major set to be held in the coming months. Valve has decided to answer the prayers of all CSGO fans and let Blast host a major in one of the most beautiful cities.

With a spot in Paris on the line, a CSGO player hailing from a team playing in the open qualifiers was caught using unfair means to get ahead of others. Having made it to the round of 16, pawt from team Fun Mlx was banned for cheating during a match against Strife Esports.

The platform Gamers Club caught the cheaters and banned him when the match was being streamed on Dust2.us’s Twitch channel. The incident took place right before the match was about to start but that doesn’t leave them with a shared of dignity.

As a result of the ban, their past scores were overturned and the team from Round of 32 was sent to Round of 16 to play against Strife Esports.

North American CS has been a bit shaky, especially with top teams dropping out. The fledgling CSGO scene there has forced the top talents from the region to seek shelter in European organizations. Team Liquid being the only heavy hitter from the region, the number of top teams has reduced significantly and this incident doesn’t help with that.

This Blast Paris Major open qualifier will see eight teams progress f to the closed stage where they will join teams like Complexity, EG, and MIBR.

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