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Is CSGO Still Playable?

The esports community has been buzzing with the release of Counter Strike 2, a successor to the immensely popular Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO), which was first released in 2012. The transition has left many fans wondering about the fate of CSGO and how the new release will impact their gaming experience.

The End of an Era

CSGO, with its tactical shooter gameplay, had quickly become a fan favorite since its launch nearly 11 years ago. However, with the introduction of Counter Strike 2, CSGO is rendered obsolete, marking the end of an era for this beloved game. The new game, developed with an updated engine and enhanced tick rate, promises to overhaul the gaming experience completely, translating maps and ensuring that the essence of the game remains intact.

CSGO’s Playability Post CS2 Release

Post the release of Counter Strike 2, CSGO has become entirely unplayable online on the official Valve servers, replaced in the Steam inventory by its successor. However, the Xbox 360 servers still being live, and the ability to load up a CSGO beta via Steam to play with bots. This has raised concerns among the gaming community, especially those who had been long-time fans of CSGO.

Gamers who had invested in CSGO skins might be relieved to know that these skins are going to carry over to CS2. This seamless transition of game elements ensures that players do not lose their cherished game assets. The enhanced features of Counter Strike 2 are set to immerse gamers into a new world, leaving little time to mourn the burial of CSGO.

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Aritra Patra
Aritra Patra
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