IEM Rio 2022 CSGO Major: The Final Four

Here are the final four teams that remain in the Rio Major.

iem rio major

The IEM Rio 2022 CSGO Major has nearly reached its conclusion, and only two days of action-packed Counter-Strike remain before the tournament wraps up and we get our victor.

The quarterfinals of the Major saw fan-favorite teams NaVi, Spirit, Cloud9, and Fnatic bidding farewell to the tournament as fans witnessed the top four teams making their way to the semis.

Let’s take a look at the final four teams that remain in the IEM Rio 2022 Major.

The Top Four Teams in IEM Rio Major 2022

If you’ve been following TalkEsport for the past few days, chances are that you’re already up-to-date with all the Champions stage games of the Rio 2022 major.

However, in case you missed some of the games, here’s a quick recap of what happened so far:

IEM Rio 2022 Champions Stage

  • Cloud9 vs MOUZ – 1:2
  • Fnatic vs Outsiders – 0:2
  • Heroic vs Team Spirit – 2:0
  • Natus Vincere vs FURIA Esports – 1:2

The four teams that have managed to qualify for the semifinals are:

  • MOUZ
  • Outsiders
  • Heroic
  • FURIA Esports

IEM Rio 2022 Semifinals Matchups Revealed

Here’s a schedule for the semifinals of IEM Rio 2022:

  • MOUZ vs Outsiders – November 12, 11:00 am CT
  • Heroic vs FURIA Esports – November 12, 2:30 pm CT

IEM Rio 2022 CSGO Major: Where To Watch?

Fans looking to tune in to the IEM Rio CSGO Major can do so by joining the official ESL live streams on Twitch.

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