How to Kick Yourself in CSGO: Vote Kick Yourself in CSGO

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is fun to play. The free-to-play title has a formidable player base and a decent number of server locations as well. The highly intense format of the 5 vs 5 competitive scenario is nerve-wracking and undoubtedly the format wherein you seldom wish to end up with bad teammates.

Sometimes you can have toxic or incompetent teammates. Otherwise, your opponents are being hard-carried by a hacker or a smurf. The situation can be overwhelming at times. You would have a thought in your head to quickly exit the competitive match-up or at times furiously close the game.

However, this may not be the optimal resolution as disconnecting a competitive match has several consequences. Firstly, you will receive a matchmaking cooldown while the abandonment of the match will have a critical impact on your trust factor. You need to maintain a decent trust factor to match up with suitable players in the future.

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This is when one must try to get themselves kicked out from the server. By getting kicked, you will not receive a cooldown as well as your trust factor will also not experience a setback. Here’s how you can initiate a vote to get yourself kicked out:

How to Kick Yourself in CSGO:

  • Open the console, type “status” and press Enter key.
  • A vast amount of data will be displayed on your screen.
  • Copy the userid adjacent to your nickname.
  • Finally, type “callvote kick [userid]”
  • Then vote will eventually be initiated.
  • Convince your teammates to press the F1 key and vote YES.

In the end, it is up to your teammates whether you get to leave the competitive match or not.