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HellRaisers knockout Goliath Gaming 2-0 to reach the Finals| DreamHack Delhi 2019

HellRaisers beat Goliath Gaming with 16-6 on Overpass and 16-8 on Inferno for a spot in the Grand Finals of DreamHack Delhi 2019.

In the second semi final of DreamHack Delhi CSGO Invitational 2019, Goliath faced off CIS giants HellRaisers for spot in the finals. HellRaisers picked Overpass while Goliath Gaming took Inferno, Nuke was left over for the decider.

MAP 1: Overpass

HellRaisers started their map pick on the offense, with scoobyxie picking up 3K on the entry towards B site to win the first pistol round of the second semi final of the day. Goliath fired back with a Deagle force buy where zipzip got two players coming down in connector and rest of the players grouped to grab the rest of the HellRaisers squad coming through monster and forcing an eco out of them in next round. The next full buy of HellRaisers came in the 5th round came close to a 1 on 2 situation for nukkye where massacRe got a frag out of him to deny the retake but scooby’s Deagle came alive in the following round getting a 3K and recovering 3 guns including an AWP thereby forcing mango to save his gun. Flarich picked up a 4K in 8th round out players rushing into T-Spawn with pistols as they leveled the score 4-4.  crush picked up a 3K in the next round to take the lead for the first time in the match and scoobyxie picked up a 3K of his own in following round to double their lead. ANGE1’s 3K came in the 10th round where they took the B bombsite and SloWye was forced to save his AWP. Goliath came back on board with the help of 3 Deagle kills from zipzip and mango got two kills of his own to steal the round which HellRasiers should have won, considering they were up against upgraded pistols. 2K from both nukkye helped HellRaisers to close the first half 10-5 in their favor with a fast monster play.

HellRaisers converted the 2nd pistol round yet again, Goliath weren’t allowed to reach the site, let alone plant the bomb. The South Africans had to eco in the round which nukkye took advantage of to get a 3K in connector. The boys from CIS didn’t give Goliath any ground to stand on, they found themselves on eco every other round. nukkye picked up 3 kills around the toilet in the 20th round to reach map point 15-5. Goliath bounced back in the 21st round with a fast monster and B short play to get their 6th round but HellRaisers shut them down in the follow up round and wrapped up their pick with a 16-6 scoreline.

MAP 2: Inferno

Goliath started their pick on the offense, getting a kill towards banana, they rushed towards the A site to win the round off eliminating all the HellRaisers players. The force buy from HellRaisers didn’t yield any results and they had to eco in the 3rd round. HellRaisers won their first full buy in the 4th round when Crush mowed down three players rotating through speedway towards the B site. nukkye picked up a 4K holding the Arch singlehandedly with an AWP in the 6th round.  Flarich clutched a 1v2 which if he didn’t would result in a loss against eco pistols for HellRaisers. Goliath got back on board in the 9th round and forcing two HellRaisers players to save. HellRasier won an eco that they had no business winning off the back of two Deagle shots from both scoobyxie and Flarich. HellRaisers won another round with pistols around Nukkye’s AWP to reach their 7th round where the AWP brought in two kills. The final round of the first half came down to a 2v2 situation but Flarich sprayed down two players pushing through the smoke to secure the half with a 9-6 scoreline.

HellRaisers won their pistol round on the offense with scoobyxie popping the heads off three players, but lost their second round of the second half against pistols and a scout. HellRaisers won the following round with upgraded pistols around an AK-47 on Flarich and only lost 2 players. Goliath got back on the in the 22nd round with shutting down an aps and mid split from the A bombsite. Goliath managed to get a 4v2 situation but Flarich and Crush played it to perfection and converted it with Crush picking up a 3K. HellRaisers reached series point on the 23rd round brute forcing into A site and close the map with crush finding double entries into the A site again and his team contributed to his hard work as well and booked themselves a spot in the grand finals with a 16-8 scoreline. crush stood out as their best player with an ADR of 86.0 and Flarich dropped the highest impact rating of 1.42.

 They will play pro100 for the $28000 prize and the DreamHack Delhi 2019 Trophy in the Grand Finals later today.

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