Photo via HLTV

It seems the rumours have picked up pace after all and that Carlos ‘ocelote’ Rodriguez will finally have his way. There were reports earlier of the owner trying to poach Serbian duo Nemanja ‘huNter-‘ Kovac and Nemanja ‘nexa’ Isakovic from CR4ZY, something that was confirmed by the CEO of the organisation.

According to French journalist neLendirekt, G2 Esports are set to sign huNter- and nexa. The Serbian duo will replace Richard ‘shox’ Papillon, who is reported to be joining Vitality, and Lucas ‘Lucky’ Chastang, who will allegedly be the other player departing the G2 roster.

The financial terms of the reported move are yet to be revealed. But, it would be a huge blow to the CR4ZY organisation, who have recently managed to make a splash in the CSGO scene with their current roster. nexa will reportedly be the new IGL for G2.

If the move does see the light of the day, it would see a transition away from an entirely French roster for G2. While the arrival of two individually adept players in the form of huNter- and nexa will definitely boost the organisation’s firepower, it will be interesting to see what changes it will bring within the roster, especially in terms of the language used for communication.