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Heroic Defeat FaZe Clan 2-1 in CSGO Paris Major 2023 Champions Stage

FaZe Clan face Heroic in the first Quarter Finals of the Blast.tv Paris Major. Heroic coming into the game as heavy favorites but FaZe Clan has shown to proclivity to do it on the big stage when push comes to the shove. Heroic previously dubbed as an online team is desperate to win a Major while FaZe look to cement its legacy in the last CSGO Major.

Match Details

  • FaZe Clan Vs Heroic
  • Match Type: Best of 3, LAN 
  • Quarter Final, Blast.tv Paris Major.

Map Veto

  • FaZe ban Vertigo 
  • Heroic ban Anubis
  • FaZe pick Nuke
  • Heroic pick Overpass
  • FaZe ban Ancient
  • Global Esports ban Inferno
  • Overpass was left over

Map 1: Nuke (Pick: FaZe, Winner: Heroic, Final Score: 16-14)

FaZe Clan got off to a strong start going 5-1 up early into the map. A dominant T-side start was put to a halt with Heroic finding their stride right in time for them to prevent FaZe from posting any more rounds on their offense. stavn and CadiaN with the rest of the troupes posted a solid defense with both players multi-fragging on more than one occasion to keep FaZe at bay and eventually closed the half with a 10-5 scoreline favoring the Danes.

Heroic managed to build on their success in the second half with a pistol round victory followed by 2 more rounds and managed to get to a 14-5 lead before FaZe found any rounds on the board. broky, rain, and especially ropz came alive following a half-buy conversion that saw a completely revamped FaZe who were able to put together a few rounds and have been solid on their defense on Nuke. The International team managed to run it back till the final rounds where Heroic put a stop to their hopes of overtime, closing the game narrowly by a 16-14 scoreline.

Map 2: Overpass (Pick: Heroic, Winner: FaZe, Final Score: 16-12)

 Overpass is a map that FaZe historically struggled on but they looked much better heading into the match. With qualifications on the line, FaZe got off to a supreme start on their defence. Despite trading around early into the game, they never looked off their pace which made it difficult for Heroic to do anything concrete. FaZe let a few rounds slip but maintained a healthy 5 round lead moving onto the T side. ropz and Twistzz were by far the best players on the server that led FaZe to get up to a 5 rounds lead.

FaZe kicked off their offense with a pistol-round win and followed up with consecutive rounds to go 15-5 up. Heroic started posting a few rounds and got really close to successfully completing the comeback, before FaZe closed the game with a 16:12 scoreline.

Map 3: Mirage (Pick: Decider, Winner: Heroic, Final Score: 16-6)

Heroic kicked off the deciding map on the right foot with a pistol round win on the CT-side of Mirage, and were able to convert the anti-eco round that followed to gain themselves an economic lead. The first gun round of the game went in favor of FaZe but Heroic shut them down shortly after to make the score 3-1 in their favor. From there, Heroic could extend their lead to 7-1 before FaZe put up their second round on the board. Heroic managed to swiftly regain composure, but a 1v3 clutch from Russel “Twistzz” Van Dulken helped FaZe retaliate as the scoreline read 8-3 in favor of Heroic. The rest of the half was a one-sided showdown from Heroic, as they ended it with a score of 12-3.

FaZe put up a good defense on the pistol round of their CT side and converted the anti-eco as well as the gun round to make the score 6-12. However, they failed to secure any further rounds in the second half as Heroic closed the game 16-6 and advanced to the quarter-finals of the BLAST Paris Major 2023.

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