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EXTREMUM confirms a new CSGO Roster

The Russian organization on their Twitter have revealed their CSGO roster led by the 100 Thieves quartet and Hansel “BnTeT” Ferdinand.

As earlier reported by TalkEsport and 1pv.fr, Russian side EXTREMUM have revamped their CS:GO division by signing the ex-100 Thieves team along with Aleksandar “⁠kassad⁠” Trifunović and BnTeT from Gen.G. Kassad, the man behind the assembly of Cloud9’s Colossus left the team after just 3 months on account of a stylistic clash between him and ALEX, the IGL at former. Until 3rd October 2020 before this most speculated roster unveil, EXTREMUM fielded a CIS roster lead by Nikita “waterfaLLz” Matveyev.  

The team features Aaron “⁠AZR⁠” Ward, Jay “⁠Liazz⁠” Tregillgas, and Sean “⁠Gratisfaction⁠” Kaiwai, as well as Joakim “⁠jkaem⁠” Myrbostad, who had a short run at APEKS before teaming up with his former teammates from 100 Thieves and Renegades. Justin “jks” Savage could’ve been the fifth member of this new Oceanic-Russian side if the former wouldn’t have signed up for Complexity. BnTeT too has been revealed as the final piece to this puzzle as their fifth member. 

Ex-CR4ZY player Nestor “⁠LETN1⁠” Tanić will take up the team’s reigns as Manager and Analyst as well while Aaron “⁠AZR⁠” Ward has been re-installed as the Team’s In-game leader.

Ahead of their 2021 season, EXTREMUM have planned to visit and compete in North America at some specific Regional Major Ranking (RMR) events in a bid to retain their points earned earlier as 100 Thieves and try to qualify for the upcoming PGL major. 

EXTREMUM now field:
  • Aaron “⁠AZR⁠” Ward
  • Sean “⁠Gratisfaction⁠” Kaiwai
  • Jay “⁠Liazz⁠” Tregillgas
  • Hansel “⁠BnTeT⁠” Ferdinand
  • Joakim “⁠jkaem⁠” Myrbostad
  • Aleksandar “⁠kassad⁠” Trifunović (coach)
  • Nestor “⁠LETN1⁠” Tanić (analyst & manager)
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